hi! my name is sarah. you may have thought it was anne. you're not alone. but it is sarah; with an h.

i grew up in virginia beach, virginia and took a sewing class in middle school. i made a pillow, boxers and a locker caddy. very exciting. i remember going to gap and found a really cute skirt in the sales section and thought, "i could make this." i bought it, investigated the pattern, and made it. lasted me years! i worked with clothing just in simple alterations with shorts, shirts, skirts so that they'd fit a little better. oh, i did make a skirt out of shorts - made it look like a mini skirt and added 3 different fabric stripes so it went to my knee. did that make sense?

one day, as a senior in high school, i just decided to make a bag - black exterior, baby blue and pink on the opposite sides for the lining. i made the base out of a card board from a cereal box. probably honeycomb. i thought i was legit.

from there, i just kept experimenting with different styles of bags that were trending, especially working with fake bamboo handles. booyah. i made my sister a bag with the circular bamboo handles, but i made it so that when she "opened up" the bag, she couldn't fit her hand in cause the handles blocked the hole. oops.

i kept going and made them as gifts, mainly for teachers and friends. my freshman year, i spent christmas break making each of my roommates a bag that i felt most resembled them.

ever since then, i've been fascinated with the fact that a bag says a lot about a person. i've found that girls are very particular about their bags, because of that fact. and i also wanted to get away from the typical pink and flowery girlie girl bags. you can still be feminine without the glitter and glam.

anne b
anne is my middle name. b is for burroughs.

I started promoting the service of custom bags christmas 2009 so that i could afford christmas gifts for my family. simultaneously, i started my blog, facebook, page, and a youtube channel with DIY videos on how to make simple bag styles. i love teaching others this skill. i'm practically self taught and believe that you can be an expert in any skill as long as you dedicate the adequate time, energy, and heart.

there is something very beautiful to me about pairing odd colors and patterns to create a unique statement of individuality. i also love repurposing used fabrics with the new. every bag i make is like a painting. and i am a strong believer in simplicity and functionality. again, you don't need anything extravegant to make a statement. let individual, unique pieces work together to create holistic artwork.

thank you so much for reading my novel. and mostly for your support in this adventure. i'm amazed of what i've been able to accomplish and just the fact that people like you are interested in what i do. that fact keeps me going. so thanks.

>>> xoxo >>>



  1. I'm so glad I found your shop. It's so cute, I want to buy everything in it!

    I'll be praying for you as you travel to Uganda soon! & I'll be praying for the children you meet & minister to. I pray the Lord is with you & does great things through you! :)


    1. You are fantastic! Thank you so much for your kind words and support! And your prayers! I'll do you proud :)

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