weekend recap

i can't believe it's been about a year since i've really pushed my brand out in the industry. anne b is now in 3 boutiques, featured on 3 daily deals sites including in France selling over 200 bags, and published in 2 magazines! holy cow... i can't believe it. 

and just this weekend marked new feets for anne b. i had a booth set up at the UVU City Sounds event last friday night and a booth at the I'm Beautiful Salon's PINK fashion show on Saturday night. BIG SUCCESS! 

i met some great new customers who support my cause for the women and children in Uganda. i even traded a leather key chain for 2 waffles from waffle love. love! and i met another girl who is a like-minded entrepreneur who is gonna be an awesome business women!

so in case you didn't catch these instagram photos (see links on the right) they show you the highlights of the weekend. 

// i found this beautiful bookcase off of KSL. painted it. and spruced it up with my merch. #boothupgrade // 

// here are just 2 of the african textiles i brought back with me from uganda. so beautiful! these were hits sellers this weekend. //

// this is the stage that jack build. and this is the stage that myself and models, holding anne b bags, strutted down for the I'm Beautiful Salon PINK fashion show. this is the 4th year of the fashion show and they host it in support of cancer. this year was special because the fashion designer recently passed away from cancer. i had the privilege of wearing one of the dresses that she designed. //

// and these are the hot models that gave perfect justice to my bags. and they compliment the Ann Taylor outfits superbly! i couldn't have been more proud and awestruck. //

I'm Beautiful Salon Boutique will be holding my african clutches starting this week! the owner, cori, loved them in an instant and insisted that they be placed in the store. boutique number 3.

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