tegan & sara

driving home from Lagoon a couple weeks ago, i was listening to 97.1 and they were asking for the 9th caller in order to win tickets to meet tegan and sara that friday! they were coming in town to perform with FUN. at the saltair. so i used my phone and debbie's phone calling each of their 3 numbers. after 10 minutes of getting a busy signal, i got through! it rang for a good 30 seconds and then went straight to a busy signal. EFFF. then, i tried one last time and - I WON!! everyone in the car was freaking out with me! i had won 4 tickets!

so what did i do? i took the opportunity to make tegan and sara each a bag! and they loved them. look how happy they are with their new bags :) they performed a great 4 song line-up. hilarious girls. thank you 97.1!

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