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hello world. 

it had been quite a while since i've given y'all an update about my goings-on in uganda. in the last month and 1 week i have done so much! i have learned a tad of lugesu, luganda, and a swahili, riden bodas through many beautiful hills and valleys, peed in many squatters, and eaten a lot of beans.

besides all that fun stuff, i've taught math, career guidance, time management, handmade sanitary pads, learned how to use a foot pedal sewing machine, taught village women my clutch design, mentored organization management through a business plan, and bonded with several students at a secondary school. life is good. can't complain.

outside of uganda and outside of my adventures, i have many friends and aquintances doing many great things as well. here is a list of those steller things --

// mitch stevens book - hey, follow your dreams //
he finished his first book! huge accomplishment! check out my first post about this GIANT of imagination and inspiration here. you can then see a preview of his book here and order your own copy here. dooo it!

// rise and shine vocational school - hand woven baskets for sale //
one of the partners i am working with is the mayenze widows and orphans association. it was started in 2008 by agatha obua, and i get the chance to work with her now in organizing the institute and making sure that all the ducks are in line as far as curriculum, registration costs, production costs, branding, and instructional management. and to raise money for the institute by providing the women and children a global platform for their craft and talent, i am selling their baskets on my site here. these baskets are handmade by the widows and are made out of old branches and palm leaves. you'll see one that is made out of resused plastic bags and the thread of rice bags.

for every basket you purchase, you'll supply up to 5 children with a school uniform.
the sooner orders are placed, the sooner the children will benefit from your contributions, and the sooner your basket will arrive to you. the earliest is the third week of july. 

// fah-shun - most adorable pinterest board //
i want to repin everything on this pinterest board. i love the simplicity of life here in uganda, but being out of the country, away from fashion, and wearing v-neck tshirts and skirts everyday and then seeing steller fashion boards that you'll find here make me want to shop so bad.

// agatha obua - director of rise and shine vocational institute //
i have to give a shout out to this women who is inspiring to all those she knows and now to me as i've had the privileged of getting to know her these few short weeks. when we visited the mayenze primary school today to pitch to them about the benefits of the vocational school we are developing she said, "extra money in my house is useless. i do now care about money. if there are widows crying, orphans crying, money is useless." again, i feel honored to know such a strong, capable, committed, faithful, and determined women when everything doesn't seem to be in her favor. especially coming for a culture that is stubborn and becomes easily complacent. more power to her. follow this project, and other project updates on my blog here.

// just gotta say that i've bought some rad fabric here and can't wait to get started on my african line!

// i'm going to take part in a traditional ugandan wedding and wear traditional african garb. look forward to pictures this weekend.


  1. Hi Sarah

    Sounds like an amazing time in Africa. We spoke just prior to your departure regarding designing for my company. I would love to talk again when you get back. Keep in touch.


    Adam - adam@linksandkings.com

  2. You are doing a great job by working for orphans. And also I admire the passion of your partner to work for these children. I wish everyone has such emotions, so that these innocent children never cry again.