what a weekend

if you're visiting my site for the first time, welcome! thank you so much for your interest in my products. it's nice to know that other people like what i do besides myself.

but man oh man, what a week! at the last minute, i found a spot in the BIJOU MARKET in provo. so i had to stay up all night thursday to crank out 10 new bags to sell. my items were up friday and saturday and i sold 7 bags and 3 key chains. key chains were limited cause i ran out of tags to label the other ones i had. it was definitely a learning experience seeing how other vendors displayed their products, and how i could make this a living... but i feel like most women there were married with kids and have that kind of time. me, i'm single, trying not to be single, full-time job, and wanting to travel. i just need to get married, pop out a baby, and craft all day. done. 
then all week my cosmetic bags were a featured deal on brickyard buffalo! they instagrammed it on saturday and in one day i got 100+ new insta followers and over 500+ likes. blown away. thank you BB!

 and today is the last day for leather tassel key chains! they're snazzy and hip :)

other exciting news is the number of inquiries i've received from other online discount vendors and boutiques!
2 boutiques in texas
online shop based in arkansas
ksl's andruby.com
a new beauty magazine based in new york that wants to feature my story and products
>> and <<
online shop based in FRANCE (confirmed to launch all bags in big cartel shop!)

this has all been in the last 2 weeks. it's insane! they've come through either seeing me in brickyard buffalo, my big cartel shop, or instagram. yay social media!

i'm ecstatic about the response i've received, but kinda sad i'm gonna be MIA in africa for 3 months and will have to put my sales on hold. but i'm hoping to squeeze some of these partnerships in 4 weeks and maintain ties so that i can have immediate business for when i get back in august. 

and other recent news... anne b has officially been published in the premiere issue of business utah. look for an announcement later this week or early next week. 

again, i am just overwhelmed with excitement and just simply overwhelmed. thank you everyone for your support and joining me in this adventure. 

follow your dreams. embrace your uniqueness. 


  1. I think I am going to have to get one of your makeup bags! They're to die!

    check out my naked basics palette giveaway! :)




  2. Hi Sarah, I'm Anne B. No, for real! I found you when doing a google search on my blog's name: anne b. good. Anyways, I love your bags, and I think I need to get one just to have my name inside my bag! :) So, I'm reading up on you and this post cracked me up. The part about popping out a baby and crafting all day. Because for me, that's when I stopped crafting. I'm trying to get back into it. Anyways, I'm glad I found you, and I thought I'd introduce myself. xo, ab

    1. Hi Anne B! Haha, I think that's so funny! I figured that there would be someone with that name out there, but more awesome that you stumbled upon my blog! My first name is Sarah and my middle name is Anne. And my last name starts with a B. What kind of crafting did you do before you started popping out babies? haha. Yeah, we'll see how it all plays out.. gotta find me a boyfriend first. Thanks for following! Make sure you find me on Facebook and Instagram @annebsarah