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as my slogan goes - shop. learn. inspire. 
i hope you've done plenty of shopping, and learning while visiting my site. and don't stop. 

but i am now thrilled to begin this new element of my blog - INSPIRE. previously, i've posted textiles, fashion, products, and art that has inspired my style and branding of anne b.

the new element to my inspiration section is to feature PEOPLE who inspire me.
people who have big dreams. whose idea started out small, but because of the right amount of determination and heart, has the ability to impact the lives of tens, hundreds, and thousands.

and i couldn't think of a better way to start than introducing you to my friend

mitch stevens

ever wanted to be in a lord of the rings movie?

jon, john d, and mitch, all buddies from the BYU advertising program, came together with the same goal to be in the next hobbit film. they found any way they could to grab the attention of students, the public, local and national media, and even peter jackson himself by producing a justin bieber music video cover, non-stop tweets to ellen and stephen colbert, showing up at the ellen stage door, and invading the busy sidewalks streets of new york city all with their bare feet. literally. 

they finally managed to make their way out to new zealand. no official word on whether or not they've made it into the other hobbit films... but aside from there exporations and breaking onto the set of the hobbit (jk about the latter), they met sir richard taylor, creator and head of weta workshops, who happened to be close friends with peter jackson. they also received a check they won on the television show, dining with the dean. they gave the money to the new zealand red cross earthquake relief. 

impressed? there's more to mr mitch...

have you heard the news?

yeah, he worked on that campaign. NBD. 
mitch graduated from the BYU advertising program last summer and landed a job as a copywriter at Digitas in san francisco working on their taco bell account. his writing for a billboard ad was displayed in times square during the launch of the campaign. 

he's "cool" right? and just when i thought he couldn't be any more impressive and amazing, his recent experience really got me.

here is a Q&A with the taco-eating-hobbit who has recently created his own unexpected journey by quiting his job at the advertising agency to now write children's books.

When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up? Why?
I want to be a lot of things if I ever grow up :) One of the most interesting, I think, was a garbage man. I used to think it would be so rad to be able to ride on the back of the garbage truck. I still do actually.

What/who inspires you?
This could be a long list. I'll narrow it down to what first comes to mind. A glass of milk and cookies, combining two words into one, Jack Johnson, YouTube, books, bright colors, anything that rhymes, my family, funky clothes, things that remind me elementary school.

As best as you can, explain how YOUR mind works. What makes you curious? 
My mind is kinda like that of a 59 year old man. (which explains the choice of his vw van and his first car) I say that cause my dad and I have very similar senses of humor and whit. I love dad jokes and goofy ways to say things. A lot of my stories and poems are just my extension of a funny phrase I've heard or read.

What experience influenced you most to want to write children's books?
In college I took a class on writing kids books. I always loved funny little poems but had never read any of my stuff to anyone before. When I finally did read some in front of my class, everyone seemed to love them. The feeling I got from making people smile and laugh was pretty freaking awesome. 

Who are your favorite authors? Why?
Shel Silverstein, Theodor (Dr Seuss) Geisel, Dallas Clayton, C.S. Lewis, Calef Brown, J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling. There are a bunch more, but these listed are the main ones. Each has created their own little word through their writing. C.S. Lewis said, "You can make anything by writing." That's an inspiring thought that has continued to motivate me to write.

What did you learn most from your advertising experiences? 
The thing I learned most from advertising was that true success in the workplace is not measured by what projects I complete or what position I rise to. Rather success is what one does to help improve the lives of those around him or her. Few things are more important to me than making people happy, smile and laugh.

Describe the process of deciding to change your career course as it now stands. Where you afraid? Do you wish you had done it sooner?
I was terrified to quit my job. I still am. I woke up today and totally wondered if I had made a mistake. That happens from time to time :) But ultimately the fear is drowned out by something funny or whimsical. As long as I seek out inspiration, I'm motivated to keep following my dreams. I don't really wish I had done this sooner because I have learned a lot in the last year working in an office. And I'm only 24. But I did feel like if I waited any longer to pursue my stories, it would just get easier for me to pass my dreams off as nonsensical ideas that could never really happen.

What do you hope to accomplish with your books?
I just want to make people happy and this is the best way I know how to do that. And I love the thought of inspiring kids to read and write and make anything they want. 'Anything' is a broad term, but Like C.S. Lewis said, you can make 'anything' by writing. I wanna do my part to get kids psyched about that.

Anything you want to say to someone who is passionate about something, but may be hesitant, fearful, or feeling inadequate about moving forward?  
Don't wait for more time, more money or more experience to pursue what you're passionate about. Life will always have challenges so you might as well take those challenges on while doing what it is you REALLY love.

thank you so much mitch!

and called me biased, but because of my passion for education and providing a bright future for children, i was particulary inspired when i heard the news from fellow advertising students of mitch's decision to write children's books. change is scary. especially when you leave something good for something good, but you know it's a change that is best fit for YOU at that time.

i hope you were touched and inspired from mitch's story and words just as much as i was/am. 
and it hits home in a special way for me because of a similar situation i am experiencing right now. 

to read mitch's masterpieces, visit his blog with his most recent poem post coincidentally entitled
"follow your dreams"

hey uncle mitch

thank you so much for reading my first inspiration post!
now go out and inspire someone today!

{ if you or someone you know has an inpsiring story, please send me an email at contact@annebsarah.com }

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  1. Mitch is an inspiration to us all! Xo