dance bag contest

it's been a while since we've had a giveaway, 
so why not start the new year with one and introduce a fellow blogger and dancer!

Sheena Jeffers
creator of

she teaches children's dance classes in virginia - holla! 
her goal is to inspire and motivate excellence, especially in the dance world.

We adore the beautiful things in life like:
The moment before a ballerina steps onto stage
The hours and hours of dedication and hard work that goes into just one moment in one class
The second the curtain rises and the lights turn on
When a standing ovation takes over an audience
When a little girl first learns tendu
When inspiration meets movement
Living what you love (every minute of every day)
The friendships, the struggles, the passion
(source - http://balletshoesandbobbypins.com/about/)

-- >> ---------   now here's your chance to win this dance tote bag.  --------- << -- 

ox blood canvas
pale teal floral large pocket
small angular mustard yellow pocket
interior divider
metal rivots

go to the original contest post on Ballet Shoes and Bobby Pins to view contest entry rules. 
contest ends saturday, january 19 

good luck!

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