so exciting to share with with y'all - i have placed ann b in its first store!
located in sugarhouse, utah

i met corey, proprietor of unhinged, at salt lake's fashion's night out at the shop's booth. i showed him my leather wallet and he encouraged me to come back to the shop with more of my work.  

now, i am happy to show-off the brilliant work of photographer chantel marie from salt lake city, utah with these photos of my collection in unhinged. i had to document this anne b first and i couldn't be happier with the venue and the photographer. 


* anne b was created by Sarah Burroughs back when she was in high school; anne is her middle name and is her last name initial. anne b has evolved to be based upon simplicity, functionality, and fashion while providing instruction for aspiring seamstresses. Sarah is practically self taught, so anne b is proof that practice makes better, and better, and better! The goal is to continue to educate and inspire everyone to just go out and create, and see what happens. Find her on YouTube to view tutorials. 

>>> thank you for all your support <<<

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