for the love

i want to introduce y'all to and as a means to thank one of my first anne b sponsors
Emily Welch
i met her while i was serving as a missionary in san diego, and i have admired her from the start. while i was interning in new york this summer, i took a visit to boston and had a ball with this lovely lady. 

{favorite part of the trip}

seriously, this girl surprises me everytime to talk to her. i keep finding out the many talents and tricks that is up this girl's sleeve. she sews, decorates, does graphic design, makes her own prints... and sure there's more she's hiding from me. 

her blog she co-manages is 

... you will find ...
home decorating tips
diy sewing tutorials
holiday prints
flashback photos
guest bloggers
& much more

>>>>>>>   i want to feature the latest item she's been working on  <<<<<<<

the brand she sells these under is 
you can find her items on etsy
or recently found on brickyard buffalo

what could you not love about this girl and her craftiness??

thank you emily, and her blog partner, for sharing your many talents and for your support!!


  1. I am loving those holiday prints! I just found your adorable blog over at the giveaway on Harley & Jane. I really hope I win :) Just wanted to let you know I am your newest follower! i would love for you to stop by sometime :)


  2. sent here via the lovely ladies at h&j! and wow, are you talented or what? so excited about getting to know you more! - morgan at quite the blog