why i do what i do

this post isn't necessarily about products you have made, but these are comments and messages i've received in the last week from anne b followers. it's people like these that keep me motivated, excited, and confident in what i am doing with my talent. i hope you all can find your unique talent and use it for good! best wishes to natalie and jennifer and their future sewing success!

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"Hi Sarah! You know, I've been following your blog for a couple years, and I really love it! you're one of the first who ever taught me how to sew :) and you're really good at it! and by reading your blog I get so inspired! Just wanted you to know :)"

lives in
cincinnati, ohio
"I just wanted to say that your tutorials were the first that I watched when I started sewing last Fall. In the past year, I've made and perfected (and sold!) many bags. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and skills! ♥  I loved your videos because I thought your voice was so soothing (haha, seriously!) and you explained everything so thoroughly."
check out her bags here!

go out and inspire someone today!

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