blog makeover

so, what do you think? i was up a tad late last night because i was just so excited to try out a new look.  i was inspired by other craft blogs that i've stumbled upon lately

got rid of shadow behind images
change profile picture
center page tabs
added fancy post headers
change link and visited link color
deleted titles on pages
deleted share button at end of posts
change font of post title
change post date format

i still have a lot of things i want to do to the look of my blog, but these are all going the right direction. with these small changes, i'm excited about posting now because it looks more legit! ha i'm a dork. but expect more and better things to come. i will post weekly, if not bi-weekly, inspiration finds. i say this now, but i hope to have at least a video a month. 2 if i'm lucky. i will try to put up at least 1 DIY project from me or another crafter once a week. and how about recent pins. i'll do that too. 

i have great new bags to show, but i need to get sexy pictures of them first. so hold tight for about a week and get ready to be blown away. you'll want them! i promise!

have a fabulous friday!