MTV update

if you hadn't heard.. the associate producer at MTV contacted me via email because his team saw my You Tube tutorials and wanted me to apply to be on a TV show!! on the show, i would be personally mentored by Kelly Cutrone and she would help me make anne b big!

the update is that after talking to him on the phone, i submitted a video of me talking about myself, how i started, what my plans are, what are some obstacles, and other things. that was about 2 months ago...

so now i just wait. they may still just be in the process of developing the project and figuring things out. or they have stumbled upon my videos and just wanted to put me in their database of young designers. or i didn't make the cut and i don't see them contacting me either way.

but how cool is it that they sought me out!? so rad! i am very grateful for my ability to share my talent and opportunities that have come my way!

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